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The batteries from the PowerXtreme series are ultra-lightweight Lithium LiFePO4 batteries, which can be used in caravans, campers and water sports. The old-fashioned lead batteries have many disadvantages, including weight, short life, the release of gases and the possibility of leakage. With a lead battery you can only use about 40 percent of its capacity and the battery should be well maintained when not in use.

With the PowerXtreme you have a solution to all these problems and you never have to worry about the capacity or the health of your battery again. The PowerXtreme Lithium battery series has been designed by experts who specialize in LiFePO4 energy systems. Our Lithium batteries consist of high quality LiFePO4 cells that are monitored by a BMS (Battery Management System).

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PowerXtreme is a private brand of EmergoPlus. EmergoPlus is a manufacturer and supplier of batteries for the recreation industry. The EmergoPlus team consists of people with extensive experience in battery technology and sustainable energy, the caravan industry, but also as a caravan. Thanks to this experience, we know better than anyone what problems you encounter as a caravan and try to come up with innovative solutions. We develop our products ourselves or find manufacturers who share our vision and manufacture products of high quality and which fit into the EmergoPlus range. Visit our website for all other products such as: solar panels, inverters, charging boosters, caravan movers etc.


1 PowerXtreme-High-capacity-rond-Grijs w
4 PowerXtreme-Ultra-light-weight-rond-Li
5 PowerXtreme-Bluetooth-rond-Grijs wit 7
7 PowerXtreme-Safe-rond-Grijs wit
2 PowerXtreme-Extreme-power-rond-Licht G
6 PowerXtreme-Easy Instal-rond-Licht Gri
3 PowerXtreme-Long-life-rond_Grijs wit 7
High LiFePO4 capacity: the safest lithium technology

Very low self-discharge & low maintenance

Ideally suited for caravan movers and as an on-board battery

Extreme power

More than 2000 cycles (80% DOD) - completely recyclable

Long service life and durable

From 2.1 to 18.9 kg


Each type is readable via Bluetooth with the PowerXtreme app

Smart Bluetooth BMS & app

Including pole set and practical mounting bracket

Simple installation

Against overcurrent, over and under voltage, short circuit & temperature

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