PowerXtreme X125


PowerXtreme X75

Traditional leisure batteries are extremely heavy, can spill dangerous fluids, or have dangerous gasses and have to be taken out of the caravan in the winter to be constantly recharged. The traditional batteries may never be discharged under a 60% of it's capacity. EmergoPlus has a solution for all these problems: PowerXtreme, LiFePO4 lithium leisure batteries. The PowerXtreme batteries are ultra lightweight batteries with extreme power that will never let you down. When compared to a similar lead-acid battery of 50 kg’s the PowerXtreme X125 weighs only 14,6 kg’s and can be used for the full 100% without being damaged or getting lazy. The X125 equals a lead-acid battery of 250A in capacity. The battery comes with a bluetooth module that makes it possible to check the status of the battery with your smartphone and is not only very light in weight but also compact, easy to carry and will fit perfectly in the battery compartment of your motorhhome. The price may seem steep but when considering it’s lifespan; it is 3 to 4 times longer then that of a regular battery; you may call it a sound investment. For most people the battery will last the rest of their camping life; it is now one of the items you will take along into a new motorhome. The PowerXtreme is suitable for every motorhome and can be charged using solar panels, 230V or whilst driving.


Rated votage 12.8V
Capacity 75Ah
Internal resistance ≤20mΩ
Max. charging voltage 14.6V±0.1V
Limit discharge voltage 9V±0.1V
Max. continuous charge 100A
Max. continuous discharge 100A
Pulse discharge 300A
Type battery pole M8 standard battery pole
Charge/discharge port 1
Material casing ABS
Charging temperature 0℃~ 45℃ 
Discharging temperature -20℃~ 55℃
Temperature in storage 5℃~ 30℃
Weight 10,2
Measurements (mm) 330 x 172 x 217